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Pets are considered an important member of a family. Whether it is a cat, a dog, or any other animal, they bring a unique sense of warmth and happiness in a family. Your pet has the magical potential to make you feel comfortable, and at ease after a tiring day. Naturally, animals give unconditional love to their owners, especially when they are given adequate care. It explains why humans can co-exist with wild animals such as lions. Unlike humans, when one cannot always predict what to expect, with animals, you get what you give. As such, it is imperative that your pet gets not only the best food and accommodation but also medical attention. This is achievable when you have the right pet insurance. However, is it worthwhile?

Benefits of buying pet insurance

In the midst of harsh economic climate, no one wants to add yet another expense, and more so, if it has to do with a pet. Seeing that the cost of maintaining a pet is already high enough, pet insurance is viewed as yet another unnecessary expense. There is more than meets the eye. Consider the following surprising benefits of investing in a pet insurance policy.

1. Protection against unexpected financial risks

Irrespective of the type, insurance is designed to shield the holder against unforeseen financial risks and expensive emergencies. In the case of an emergency, pet insurance for cats, dogs or birds gives the pet owner some form of financial freedom. Medical emergency bills come up when you least expect it, and in worse case scenarios, when one does not have money. Unfortunately, many pet owners have been forced to eat into the family’s emergency fund when something like this happens. As long as you make payments regularly and promptly, you will enjoy coverage against expensive predetermined events. Pet insurance costs vary from one provider to another, and also depends on what it covers. Pet owners pay between $10 and $60 per month. The cost of insuring cats is much less compared to that of a dog.

2. Peace of mind

Buying pet insurance gives you the opportunity to choose the best treatment option for your sick or injured pet without limited family finances getting on the way. You will never have to choose between emptying your wallet and the health of your pet. With a pet insurance cover in place, you can make a sober decision on what is best for your lovely companion. The majority of policies reimburse up to 80 percent of the medical costs after deductibles.

3. Curb the effect of the rising veterinary costs

The costs of veterinary are consistently rising. The general inflation can be blamed on increased pet care. However, the availability of more specialized pet care and more advanced clinics are also to blame. The cost of general checkups and operations are growing. The monthly payments you make towards insuring your four-legged friend are nothing compared to the peace of mind brought by the knowledge that you are financially covered as far as the medical bill of your pet is concerned.

4. Pick your veterinarian

Having pet insurance allows you to choose your preferred vet, unlike health insurance policies for humans that force a health care provider deep down your throat. You just have to submit a veterinary bill to your insurer for reimbursement of the qualifying amount.

5. Easy reimbursements

The ease with which insurance companies reimburse veterinary expenses is incredible. The majority of insurers request a vet receipt after which they reimburse part or the entire cost in a few weeks. Pet owners looking to buy insurance should have a clear understanding of the available plans, to know what is covered. A good insurance company should make it easy for pet owners to receive payments in a fast and less challenging manner.

Bottom line

When you value your pet enough, you will not have to think twice about having an insurance plan in place. Of paramount importance is to ensure that the right pet insurance plan is sought and that premiums are paid promptly every month, quarterly, semi- annually or annually depending on what works for you. Although there are several factors to consider when choosing an insurance policy, ensure to learn the necessary facts and the dynamics surrounding veterinary care. Find out how the insurance works, types of policies, the costs involved, and what is covered, among many other crucial details. Just don’t get into something that you know nothing about.